New Beta App and firmware with Person&Vehicle detection was launched (2.3.80)

I believe the Beta app should prompt you to upgrade automatically.

If not, tap the settings (gear) icon on the camera, then Device Info > Check update

If it says things are fine maybe you are already on the correct version? Or maybe you don’t have the current Beta app?


I have Person & Vehicle tagging turned on for my Pan and off for my V2 but I get P&V events for both cameras. Why?

There are a lot of vehicle events in my livingroom. My wife doesn’t appreciate being mistaken for a car. :slightly_smiling_face:


As the current mechanism, it usually takes 8 minutes to update the status from on to offline, and 5 minutes from offline to on. Hope can explain what you ran into. Thank you.

How do I get the beta app?

I’ve the iOS Beta App 2.3.80 (1) and the camera has Firmware version: (which is higher version, agreed).

If I go to, there is NO firmware available with version for Cam v2.
Latest version over there is (April 22, 2019).

So still the question where is the link to download demo.bin for Beta Firmware version ?

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I’ve the Android app 2.3.80 and FW and time lapse is broke. I’m about to flash back to FW Did the FW update do anything to fix the time lapse problem ?

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The way they organize things around here you might be better downgrading to XXX.37 then get it to upgrade to xxx.43.

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If you look at the partner’s website, XNOR, it appears that they develop technology to do the AI detection on the device itself.

I’m guessing that the fact that this is done on device means we’ll only see improvements in the detection rates via firmware upgrades.

I don’t see RTSP option anymore either, how did you figure it out?

I am not entirely sure but I thought I read somewhere this beta will only work on the V2 & Pan.

@WyzeRoy in the beta version of the vehicle/person detection (as opposed to alpha FW), did you get rid of the lower left corner showing feedback of what the AI thinks it is seeing? im getting generic motion triggers with no clarification in the notification and it is not showing the readout in the lower left

I have noticed in the “Events” tab/button that it can sometimes correctly identify the video as “Person detected”, “Vehicle detected”, or “Motion” without any tagging. If I happen to walk by the camera very quickly it will tag the video as “Motion” instead of “Person detected”. Of course I will then correctly tag the video but there seems to be something odd about how it detects people movement versus motion. Apparently all you have to do is run by the camera and it will tag the video as “Motion” instead of “Person detected”.


It’s pretty apparent that it’s doing 2 things at this point - detection motion through pixel movement and radiated heat via ir. I suspect the ‘Recognition’ capability will require a lot of work but the I.d. buttons will give them feedback to eventually start training an algorithm. If you’re not giving off heat for long enough as you walk past for it to recognize the thermal change it will identify as motion from the pixel movement/changes.

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It would be nice to have an explanation of what it is supposed to do , So we can determine if it is doing what it is supposed to do .:thinking:

Thanks #Solardave that can explain how it works a bit. I am concerned for how it will be able to use IR radiated heat detection in a Texas climate with the sun heating up the concrete underneath the camera. Lots of radiated heat coming from hot surfaces in the summer all the time (especially vehicles recently turned off sitting in the driveway) and if there are swaying tree shadows (for the pixel changes) within the cameras view at the same time, it will likely be detecting people/vehicles all day long. I hope it is using another layer of checking for another mysterious condition to help with a situation like that. Perhaps this is where XNOR’s AI solution helps for the recognition part. Thanks for the insight.

I am so happy that this feature is not just for newer camera hardware, I was not expecting that from Wyze but kudos to them for making it so. I thought they were going to do this part themselves but it looks like they may have quickly figured out how complicated it is and decided to partner with someone who already had the solution and could scale it for them efficiently. Win win for everyone but I hope it was not too expensive, I like Wyze’s prices!

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How does one become a beta tester. I have a houseful if your products and more on the way.

Read above, it’s in this thread.


Thanks. Was driving lol and didn’t read the entire thread.

This is what I was wondering. My pan and scan that I use to watch the cats during the day has been tagging them as people.