New Actions added to WyzeCam service in IFTTT

Actions added…

Turn bulb on

Turn bulb off

Set bulb brightness

Set bulb color temperature


What bulb ? :slight_smile:
Mine are still in pre-order. :frowning:


There is a few people on here that tested the bulbs

What wattage are the bulbs? Anyone know? Thanks.

Wattage isn’t really the standard measurement anymore because LEDs are typically measured in lumens. Wattage equivalents are used now for us that remember ( are old enough) to have used incandescent bulbs and wattage was all we had. although being a smart bulb there is more than the LED’s to be powered. so are you asking for the actual power rating or the light level output?

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Yes. For solar purposes. Thanks

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FYI - 800 lumens is 60 watts. Some of us very old people still use watts (and miles and fahrenheit.).


Lol thanks! :older_man:

The bulbs are rated at 9.5 watts (60 watts equiv).


Exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks DPR!