75 and 100 watt LED Smart Light Bulb

Your 60w smart LED bulbs look very nice. How about a 100w version for those of us that like a lot of light?

Pleeeaase offer 100W. These are perfect for the outside of my house. Then I can set them on a timer all the way around and have everything sync up without having to touch it!

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The Wyze bulls are just amazing. Tossing out my timers. Now how about higher lumen outputs. Equivalent to a 75 wat incandescent would be very useful for me.

Requesting 100 watt equivalent bulbs now.

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I am all for a 100 watt equivalent!

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100 watt equivalent bulbs, PLEASE

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Everyone , don’t forget to go to the top and vote, and you can vote for your own idea

I merged a similar request with this one and changed the title to fit. Please make sure your votes are included in this thread. :slight_smile:

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I would really love to see a 100 Watt light bulb from Wyze. 60 Watt bulbs are just not bright enough.

Glad some replied equivalent

100w led would be a search light for spotting planes

Most led bulbs are around 5w


Been trying to use the 60w and it’s just too dim. It’s nice as a mood light, but not nearly enough to read by or even use for doing puzzles or writing checks for bills. I’ve moved back to 100w until you can offer them.

I do like the tech though! It’s a nice start, it’s just too bad they’re unusable.

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I agree with the need for added lumens for the bulb. A bulb that is equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent would be very useful. Thank you for the products I use so successfully.

Another resounding vote for 100 watt bulbs! With an aging baby boomer population, 100 watt bulbs are standard in a rapidly growing number of households including those of my parents, who can’t read, or see any sort of detail in lighting below 100 watts.

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I could use a brighter bulb in a couple locations. Need more lumens please.

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Definitely would like a 100 watt bulb.

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Need this ASAP!

Any chance this higher lumen bulb will appear in 2020. I would really brighten up my evenings.

Please make a bulb stronger than 800W.