Never again

never i will buy anything from wyze, they have to many problems with the first product (wyzecam) and they don’t fix it

How many threads do you have to make saying the same thing?


We get so upset about a $25 camera not living up to expectations, or a $7 sensor not lasting long enough. We also replace our $500+ cell phone every few years. Funny what marking does to our brains.

I’m enjoying the growing-up of Wyze. It’s probably a teen at this point. Unpredictable and full of promise, but also a goofball once in a while.

Unlike a teen, these gadgets are consumable and will eventually suffer the same fate as the pile of cords and gizmos you have in a box next to the Christmas lights.

I wonder what gadgets I have in my life that are still in use after 5 years… I’ll see how many I can find…


I’ve got a UE Boom bluetooth speaker going on five years. Battery isn’t user-replaceable but fortunately I’m a super-user and sourced a new battery and soldered the system back together. I’ll probably have it another five years.


All I can say…it comes to a point when you WYZE need to get out from a Garage Operation and focus on a Core Product category then once you Master that…branch out to other products. Welcome to the Masses of a Corporation.
I have received my Alarm system and will pause on installing as items are not in stock and God knows if the bloody thing works…It’s my home Wyze.

Nice!! Love that. Way to go power user! I still need to do a sweep looking for still-in-use tech. I definitely have an Anker bluetooth speaker I still use.