Network camera

Can I use Wyze V2 as a network camera?

The Wyzecam is a network camera. Can you explain more about your intended use? At present, the live video, SD-card-stored video and cloud clips from the Wyzecam can only be viewed from the free Wyze app on iOS or Android.

I am running couple of Raspberry Pi with MotionEyeOS, it’s a DIY security camera OS. I would like to add Wyzecam to one of my main MotionEyeOS nodes as a network camera, but I don’t have access to Wyzecam streaming via IP address. I hope I’m making sense, let me know if I need to provide additional detail.

No, there is no direct IP interface to the Wyzecam at this time. If you search here on the forum, you will find that there are some who have flashed other firmware to the Wyze hardware which may satisfy your need. There may be more info on Reddit about this.