Can Wyze Pan Cams be continuously used on a closed network with no internet?

I want to be able to have an internal server or application that can host my camera feeds for an internal “closed network” that never has access to the internet. Can Wyze cameras support this?

I believe it’s possible - however the initial setup & any firmware updates may be easier on with an internet connection. Once done - remove the internet connection and use RSTP firmware to stream the feed to your internal server running software like: - Windows - Apple - Android

Wyze is not on Sighthound’s pop-up camera list …
Please, what are the setup parameters?

I realize this is an old post, but in case it is helpful here are the steps I used in Sighthound:

  • Add camera
  • Camera type: Network (IP) camera
  • Manufacturer: Other
  • Set up Sighthound Video with a network camera that is already working
  • Next
  • Manually specify the address of a network camera
  • Next
  • Camera type: Other IP camera
  • Protocol: rtsp
  • IP address: RTSP port: 554
  • Stream path: live
  • User name: xxx
  • Password: xxx
  • Verify Password: xxx
  • Advanced - record audio if compatible stream is available: unchecked
  • Advanced - force TCP connect: checked
  • Next
  • Next
  • Camera location: xxxx
  • Next
  • Click Finish to close this wizard and view your camera in the Monitor view
  • Finish
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