Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Agreed. It would also be nice to be able to execute rules, schedules, etc. in the event of internet connection failure.

That’s going beyond just local stg, that’s full blown processing - obviously it is possible but that would cannibalize wyze services so don’t look for wyze to offer these functions.

For the techie types, homebridge, the wyze-bridge and scrypted can bring these functions out of the wyze ecosphere with various addons. Some can function within a local LAN. With a firmware hack, the wyze cam can be fully free of the wyze cloud. But I’m only just starting and only familiar with what HomeKit can offer on iOS - I’m halfway tech capable and it is time consuming as well as challenging at times, but it does seem to offer some hope going fwd unless wyze somehow breaks things.

Agreed… I’ve a QNAP TVS-1282 in the house, and plenty of real estate to store my own recordings.


Since this ability has been available via 3rd party open source developers, it’s clear that wyze is simply sitting on this until they can figure out how to profit by charging to allow this since it pretty much negates the need for any current service for a fee.

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I could not have said it better.

Wyze’s VP of Product may have hinted about this in the AMA today:

So that was a Solid Yes to having plans to revive something like the MaxDrive project (basically an NAS).

Direct recording to NAS.

I was reading an old post that someone made requesting the ability to have their recordings backed up to thier NAS.

I would suggest one step further. It would be great if it were possible to have to option to have the cameras instead of recording onto an SD card save directly to your NAS. By doing so, you eliminate the need for a SD card and also have direct access to all of your recordings. These days many of us have full gig networks and I don’t think that the issue of speed would be a problem when it comes to having the video sent directly to the NAS. If the issue with having these recordings save directly to a NAS is speed. Then just require the SD card merely for temporary storage so that the camera can send the video to the NAS and self delete it after the transfer to keep the SD card empty and available.


If you read the previous posts about a Wyze NAS being planned, then you could easily read between the lines to understand Wyze does nothing out of altruistic reverence for their customers desires - this has been available via open source developers for quite some time so I view this option as intentionally being withheld while they are working on a way to monetize it by developing a proprietary system or how they can position it in a higher tier of cam plus. Meanwhile 3rd party open source developers have made this available for techie DIY types which are probably a small minority of Wyze users. But I still view Wyze as they type of company that will try to defeat this 3rd party ability. Those wishing to utilize their own existing NAS like myself will more than likely remain ignored. Imho.

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While I have no way of knowing Wyze’s intentions, I can’t disagree with your statement. I’ve seen no evidence that disproves your statement.

That’s a statement I can agree with 100%, once again, I see no evidence to the contrary.

I’ve recently ‘discovered’ time lapse’s on my V3 cams… love the sunset’s I’ve captured that way… but I LOATHE the process of downloading them to my phone, just to download them to my PC or NAS.

Camera… on network… NETWORK attached Storage (or PC/MAC)… on … network… I’m no rocket scientist… so I won’t point out the obvious here…

We’ll probably get this feature about the time we get Landscape View For Tablets



Learned to doubt Wyze long ago when I saw 90deg rotation ignored which is useful for cams mounted on their side to get vertical coverage. I think it’s been on the wishlist from when I first came here 3 yrs ago. I use one cam to view my outside front entry area which was my original purpose. I did not know the image would be fixed to landscape in the app such that it only displays sideways - 180 deg flip but no 90! Meanwhile open source stuff like homebridge can easily rotate and/or flip as desired 90 deg or 180 so it’s not difficult. Then there was the pc/web view which they held back on until they could monetize it. Again, not hard to get for free via open source options. Anyway from pushing out beta products to the complete and utter failure of the PD/legacy PD/camlite debacle to the constant stream of bug ridden firmware and software, it is a wonder I’m still here, especially now that Wyze is basically saying delete account to start over or go elsewhere.

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ha ha ha … good one

Synology NAS

It’s almost 4 yrs this was started… kind of doubt you’ll ever see an open system that can use a variety of NAS as desired by users. Only thing I’d expect from Wyze is a subscription to a server side app that could push camplus video to a NAS or allow a NAS to pull video from the server. Or worse a dedicated Wyze NAS that you have to buy and subscribe to use. This has been available via open source for too long now to be ignored by Wyze. My guess is they trying to use some of these open source libraries to create a commercial product without violating the open source terms of use.

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I use Synology NAS as well. I think the best thing would be a docker container that will access the native Wyze streams and stores it to any CIFS or SMB share. This would be the most universal. I’d be willing to pay $20 or so for the docker container. No monthly fee, though. I already pay for Wyze Cam Plus and Monitoring.

Chk docker-wyze-bridge, some Synolgy users post in the issues and discussions on the GitHub. I think you can map a container directory to a local folder for img just not sure if it records video or just snapshots. Since I’m ok with the SD card I haven’t bothered.

My NAS isn’t fast enough to use that. The bridge pulls in the video and converts/repackages it as rtsp, I believe. I would have to run the bridge and then some other software on top of it to actually capture and store the video. I just don’t have the CPU cycles for that. :slight_smile:

Yes, it does re-encode or rebroadcast or whatever to rtsp, rtmp, and hls. My NAS is just a basic samba server, rather old now, just good for file backups, file sharing, ftp. I port fwd so it’s an ok personal cloud. I got docker running on an old i5-2340, was my old desktop, was going to part it out for some cash, but it’s not worth much so figured I try it for the bridge. It’s on win10 and it does ok. Think it would do a lot better if I change to Linux, but I got this other container that only runs on a win/docker, so kind of stuck for now.

Setup WYZE V2 and V3 to a DVR without internet

Make the V2 and V3 compatible to a DVR to record without internet

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Make ALL of the Wyze camera’s capable of being setup on a NVR/DVR using … RTSP or ONVIF … or whatever magic pixie dust is needed for compatibility with viewing my camera’s with a NVR that speaks a compatible protocol.

My guess is the only way this happens, is if Wyze can monetize it, hence the reason for Wyze abandoning any further development or support for RTSP.


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I am glad to announce we have something in the early stages of development on this request, hopefully I can share more soon.