Need power cord extension for outdoor base

I need to extend outdoor camera base unit about 4ft. I’m locating my outside but need to move where it’s weather protected.

I could buy extension cord (but prefer the smaller Wyze power cable) as last resort BUT I prefer to just extend the existing base cord 3 to 6 feet more but need the right connectors (going into the base from the existing Wyze power cord (round end) and not sure if it exists or not.

That cable/adapter plug is one piece 12 volt 1 Amp and I don’t think you will find one 9-10 feet long. You can search Amazon and other sites, they have some 6 feet long with different adapters. I would use an extension cord if I had to do it. Edit: If you move the base you will need a longer ethernet cable if using and if using the base on WI-FI instead I would check and see if the Wi-Fi signal to the base from the router is sufficient to work.

Are you saying that you are putting the WCO Base outdoors?

The Base is not IP65 Rated, but the camera is.

Yes (but will be sheltered) from rain. I need the extra distance (vs shoting signal though a brink wall) - have a large property.

If it does not work that will be ok. I just need the proper cable extension.

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Just wanted to let you know as it could affect your warranty. But all is good