Need Multisite (MultiHub) capabilities

I have a home, a business and a family cabin. I want to monitor all through ONE Wyse App login. At present I can add multiple cameras and environmental sensors, and I can add “hubs” - but I can’t add entry sensors to the second site/ second hub.

Please enable full multisite capability.

Hi @NVcam,
This works out of box, as I have multiple Wyze Sense Hubs. However I believe the latest firmware released for the WSH has introduced a bug that has made adding sensors a challenge. Keep an eye out for a Firmware update, and you should be good to go.


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Congrats that you’ve got it to work. Wyze support says that it can’t, won’t, …the reason for my post.

I’ve added the hub to the second location but can’t get the entry sensors to recognize & join there. Yes, ever watchful on firmware.


I think support means you cannot add multiple hubs to Home Monitoring. You should be able to have multiples on your account and use them for alerts and automations, just not part of HMS.

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Agree this was going to be my next question to @NVcam.

Is the use case to have multiple locations on a single account using professional monitoring services (noonlight) or just multiple Wyze Sense Hub devices with contact sensors?

The use case is to have one account, with multiple hubs, multiple sensors, home monitoring, anything else without artificial restrictions on what goes where. If any limitations, then they’re “self-imposed”, like restrictions on sharing access.

In short, a little high level VISION.

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:+1:t4: To the best of my user knowledge all is possible except the home monitoring.

There is a wishlist for that though. Give it a vote

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