Need higher resolution than 4K and 1080

Has Wyze given any indication of a potential 4K Wyze Cam v4? I’m growing increasingly interested in competitor’s offerings due to many offering 4K video resolution, which has obvious benefits when it comes to security.

Anything to add Wyze team?

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Same here . The competition is releasing 2 k and 4 k for both wired and wireless cameras

I’m getting a bit jealous . Cmon wyze

Competition offering 4k, no fees, local storage. Wyze making a strategic error here big time. Ive been loyal to wyze for years and own over 25 cams for home and business. 1080 just doesn’t cut it anymore. Id gladly pay more to keep system continuity.
Time to move on…


@ warrenloc I comply agree. My original comment was to be able to read license plates further away than 25 feet. 1080 doesn’t cut it.

I believe most of us understand that 4K requires more light to be effective, but with advances in raising ISO in low light conditions, 4K for home use should not be an expensive problem.

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Their VP of Product did say that they were looking into 2k but had some issues with the sensors or something

@carverofchoice may know more about this …

The VP said many of their future products will have higher resolution.

One of the founders said that doing higher resolution is easy, but when they do it they want to make sure to do it so it is affordable/a really good price.

No problems that I know of though.


Wyze’s initial value model was incredible. Customers are speaking clearly and asking for better technology yesterday. Wyze will simply lose market share in the space if they dont show up with the right goods. I dont need a scale, or a light strip, i need to see licence plates and faces in 4k past 25ft day and night. I dont normally post here…where are the wyze folks?

Wyze, your are being called out…what say you?

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For convenience, I’ve found and copied the quote and link to the last official response about this from the VP of product (at orgiastic referenced) Since he’s the gatekeeper who decides which products to approve or not, it’s harder to get a note relevant answer. When he was asked about 2K or 4K cameras, this was his exact response:

Wyze says they will have cameras with higher resolution as well as something else innovative that addresses the same need/want.


Do you think Wyze is focused on their cameras or other products rn ?

VP already answered that question too:

Sounds like he pretty clearly said his primary goals are are all related to some amazing cameras launching late 2022 to early 2023.

They do have other things also on their roadmap too, but he says his goal priorities are with cameras.


A 4K sensor itself is not too expensive, but the computer processing power required to, well, process that video feed and do stuff like motion detection etc is a lot lot more than 1080p. I think that’s the main thing


I need light strips…

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It’s the holidays so I get to re-use this.