My Wyze Outdoor Cam's time stamp will not advance

Just got the Wyze Outdoor Cam for a total of 3 Wyze cams now. 1 more on the way. The others work fine including another Outdoor Cam and a Wyze plug. This latest outdoor cam shows an image but the time stamp doesn’t advance (the seconds counter is stuck) then suddenly it jumps ahead a minute or two later to the current image and time and remains stuck again. Sometimes I can update its time by creating a motion in front of it but it never appears LIVE for more than a few seconds before it pauses (both image and time stamp). The base is currently VERY close to the camera and indoors. I don’t want to mount it outside until this issue is resolved.

You will likely find that the camera is losing Wifi connectivity and then it comes back. The behavior you are describing is exactly what you will see if if the WiFi is right at the edge of coverage. If you look carefully at stuff in the background (leaves of trees, bushes, or grass for example), you will likely note that the image freezes as well as the time display.

yeah, I think I mentioned that both the image and time stamp freeze. As for the Wifi; I thought the wifi connectivity came from the Base station in this case since its an outdoor camera. The base is connected with ethernet and the camera is only a few feet from the base station.
I just tried something which was to delete the outdoor cam and re-associate it to my other station which is close to my router/wifi at the other end of the house. It worked fine there. Time stamp advanced like it should. Image was great. So, I came back and deleted the base station and outdoor cam, added both back and I’m back to the same problem.
I should note that I just ran 100’ of ethernet from the router to my office. Once there I split the ethernet with a splitter; one cable to my PC and one to my base station. Should this matter? Thanks for the help.

If you disconnect the PC’s ethernet cable, does the issue resolve itself right away, or after cycling the power on the base and camera?