My Wyze Cam V3 died in the rain

Your local library probably has one that you can use.


Indeed they do.

They’re sending out a replacement. I still think it would be a ‘wyze’ move to instruct people to not hang their camera’s face down exposed to the rain or supply a simple cover to seal the speaker holes in case you have no other option- like me.
I think that the speaker is a fun extra but can be disposed of altogether. It’s not a doorbell.


The speaker is supposed to be waterproof. I would say yours had a bad seal.
Wyze advertises two way communication. The speaker is required for that.

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I have 4 V3 and they are great but 1 of then is on the 2nd story deck facing down and noticed that sound from speaker was all garbled up. So I took it down and turned it around upside down and water did come out of the little holes on the back of the speaker so I improvised a little rain shield on the back with some 2-in wide heating foil tape and I put it on an angle so now the speaker is covered so the rain won’t get into it. I would show you a picture but I can’t figure out how to do it on this forum

If the waterproofed speaker compartment is waterlogged, well of course the sound is garbled. Can’t transmit sound waves under water.

Only dolphins do :grin:


Look at your windows, or outdoor signs. There are drain holes underneath.

The speaker would be like a little bowl of water. Blurp.:blush:

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Hello People.
Below is another idea for protecting V3 speaker holes from rain while providing some air space for heat exchange or sound waves.

This is the link to the STL file, of course no charge:

V3 Back Cap.stl

The functionality of the printed Back Cap could be duplicated with a U-shaped piece of cardboard taped across the back and onto the camera.

Victor Maletic.

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Buy a cheap cover from Amazon. I’ve purchased black rubber covers for my Outdoor cams to mostly hide them, but also offer protection and they work great. I realize the main issue is Wyze weatherproofing. But I wonder out of the thousands of v3 out there how many have had this water issue.

PEF Mount for All-New Wyze Cam V3 ONLY, Weatherproof Protective Cover and 360 Degree Adjustable Wall Mount Solid Housing for Wyze V3 Outdoor Indoor Smart Home Camera System (White, 1 Pack)

That covers the speaker holes, wonder if sounds still work.

If it doesn’t, why even get this mount? Just cover the holes then.

And whales and probably other water-living creatures, while I’m here:

Hello You All and @tnkasper.

The link that tnkasper provided in his post #28 for the camera mount shown below is a very good one.

Many of the older analog cameras came with them built-in as seen below.

Incorporation of paddles can increase camera positioning options while reducing the need to drill holes into wall surfaces. The camera mounting holes require careful attention to positioning (while on a ladder). Attaching the camera to a paddle can be done while it is on the workbench. Mounting the paddle to a rafter doesn’t require any great detail (of course rafters are needed). See pictures below.

Victor Maletic.

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Hello People.
For those of you concerned with V3, rain intrusion through speaker holes, or heat build-up from coverings, loss of speaker function, or cost. Look at post #27 above.
It will:
Keep out direct rain.

Allow for heat exchange (although heat is probably not an issue).

Probably allow sound transmission (although I don’t really know).

No new mount needed.

Is inexpensive to print or make (the printed version uses about 50 cents worth of filiment-public library).

Victor Maletic.


Thank you for your service! Going to print this now!

Hello, millettcf.

I would like to see a picture of the printed Back Cap and one of it fastened to the back of a V3?

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I was planning on doing post 19. Does that one work ok?

Hello, millettcf.
Post 19 is the helmet cover. With a decent printer, it should be fine. I placed 1mm of extra width in the helmet so it may appear loose on the camera. But a little loose is better than undersize. A little tape on the inside surface of the printed helmet, if needed, should make for a snug fit. Let me know how it works out for you?

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Hello, Everybody.
In post 28 I linked a 3D print file for an End Cap to protect the camera’s speaker holes from direct rain intrusion. While this End Cap design does the intended job, its appearance could be improved. In the present design, the bottom of the End Cap stops just above the power cord presenting an interrupted appearance.
Version 2 of the End Cap extends, on the outsides, to the bottom of the camera’s body. It would be caulked onto the back of the camera just like the original version, Except there is more caulking surface area. Below is a rendering of version 2 and a link to its .STL file.

V3 End Cap ver 2.stl

Victor Maletic.


I picked up my printed items from the library today (nominal charge to print — 25¢/gram). The helmet is a little loose, so I put some tape underneath the hood to hold it down. I suppose a strong gust could pop it off, but I dunno. The back cap is less useful. I thought it would “snap on” the back; I didn’t know it’d have to glue it to the v3 back. I’ll probably print another hood.


Looks good! :+1: If you use IR at night and don’t spray the underside of the hood flat black, you’ll probably get IR bounce-back/glare.