My Project- Dawn to Dusk Sensor

Well I have been busy with projects using the Wyze Sensor Contact Sensors . I have modified the sensors by removing the reed switch and extending the circuit outside of the sensor .
I have one on my mailbox and on my newspaper box with a simple limit switch and extended reed switch . These two sensors will notify me when mail and the newspaper arrives .
Now I am working on a Dawn to Dusk sensor using a photo transistor . I am using it now to turn on and off outside lights using IFTTT and hopefully be able to use it with Alexa soon for other smart integration .
I needed a Dusk to Dawn Sensor because I was always changing the on and off time in Alexa or KASA based on season and daylight savings time.

YouTube Video of the start of this project here … More to come.
Part 1 Dusk to Dawn Wireless Sensor

Part 2 Dusk to Dawn Wireless Sensor

How to Modify a Wyze Sense Contact Sensor with Extended Lead

Video How to Setup Contact Sensor in App and Add Remote Reed Switch

Other possibilities:
Pressure sensing pad - Elderly / Envolent or Child Bed Monitor
Water / Flood Detector- Basement
Rain Sensor
Child Bed Wetting Sensor


This is pretty cool,I would love to see how the water sensor works.

I have modded a visonic sensor with help of others code, to work with smartthings. It worked pretty well.

What great ideas! I’d like to make a mailbox switch and a couple of light switches. Where did you pick up the reed switches?

Reed Switch I used for mailbox .
Cylewet 10Pcs Reed Switch Normally Open (N/O) Magnetic Induction Switch Electromagnetic for Arduino (Pack of 10) CYT1004 Found on Amazon :
Cylewet 10Pcs Reed Switch Normally Open (N/O)

Many choices on Amazon , Search for Normally Open Reed Switch .

Here are photos of my mailbox setup .
Sensor would not work when mounted inside the mailbox . Had to remote mount it at the rear of the mailbox toward the house for better signal strength .
58 ft from camera with bridge ( inside the house ) to the mailbox and I have 2 bars of signal strength and have never had issues .



Here is some photos of my Newspaper box setup ( yes I still get a newspaper … something relaxing about the feel of the paper in your hands when reading . )

Also found out how to get notifications on Alexa ( Echo) using IFTTT / Webhooks and Notify Me when the mail and newspaper arrive …

Wow, thanks for the info and great pictures!

Couple of questions…

  1. What did you enclose the remote diode in - silicone?

  2. How did you get the circuit board out of the plastic housing?

  3. Also, did you remove the original diode or just solder new wire leads onto the existing one on the circuit board?

I certainly agree with your newspaper comment. I get a couple of papers once a week but they put them in plastic bags and throw them in my driveway, usually with the open end “uphill” so they get soaked if it rains. They never use my paper box.
Thanks again for your help!

I just created and posted a video explaining how to modify the Wyze Sense Contact Sensor .
Video How to Modify Wyze Sense Contact Sensor Extended Lead

Modify at your own risk …

Awesome, this is what I did for a visonic mct-340 e for water sensor with smartthings. The leads trigger open/close in water

My Dusk to Dawn Sensor Update Video was just posted.
I have decided to use the Solar Landscape Light coupled to the photo transistor . Works great !

Dusk to Dawn Sensor Project Update Video


Screen shot of this sensor in the app showing the Dawn to Dusk operation Off (Open ) at 5:54 AM and On ( Closed) at 9:33 PM

Two new projects using the Wyze Sense Contact Sensor ( Modified)

  1. Smart Switch
  2. Light Status Switch


The Smart Switch is using a cheap LED light switch that I have connected to a Wyze Sensor Contact Sensor
Nice to have a physical switch in some rooms that have smart bulbs or plugs .
See videos below for further explanation and demonstration.
Smart Switch using Contact Sensor Video with demonstration
Light Status Sensor Project Video with demonstration


Thanks a lot for you help! I made a mailbox switch and it works GREAT! I only have one bar but seems strong enough to get the job done. You had a very helpful idea. Thanks again!

I use the combination of the IFTT, Wyze, and WU (Weather Underground) Apps for obtaining sunrise and sunset for my house thus turning my Wyze motion sensor on and off. I only run the motion sensor at night with the Human part turned on. I then set up Additional IFTT and Smart Life App routines to turn on outside and inside lights, even colors, when human motion is detected.

@mrgadget, would the switch project also work with a push button?

Hello war1000
Just saw your post. Yes you could modify a contact sensor by replacing the magnetic reed switch with the leads from a push button switch. The push button switch needs to be a “Push to Make and Push to Break” type.