My new cam is blurry past 20'

So, I got a replacement cam for a broken one and only had it up for several days before noticing that it’s only in focus up to 20’. Past that, everything is blurry. I don’t have that problem with the other cams. Am wondering if I need to call that one in as well.

Blurry as in the motion is blurry or just the live view or both?


No motion going on. Just everything in general, guessing beyond 15’ now. My other cams have that center bush and farther trees in much better focus that this. This is the first cam I’ve had this problem with.

If it is clear with the other cameras, it looks like the lens is out of focus. Not user serviceable without voiding warrantee.

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Front side of the house with other cam.

Ugh. I guess I’ll have to call Wyze again tomorrow. I thought about trading it with the cam inside one of the chicken coops since the coops don’t cover that much distance. But it shouldn’t be doing that in the first place.

Yours looks nice and crisp, too. Looks like a neighborhood in northern Calif.

With you on that. I hate to call up with problems.

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Correct, Concord California. Your first picture is horrible, get on the phone tomorrow with WYZE.

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Ah haha ok. Some of my family live live in Vacaville. Yes, will be calling them for sure. At first I thought maybe I forgot to take the covering off the lens or it was dirty, but it’s not.

I went to Vacaville last week, Travis Air Force Base, a normal 40-45 minute trip from my home. 2 Hours 35 minutes to come home due to an accident involving a big rig with two trailers and 4 cars on Highway 680. I took the scenic route home, so did everyone else on Interstate 80 . :rofl:

Oh no! I used to take the scenic route around the backside of Vacaville either to the base or to Napa, Barryessa, Lodi, etc. Never liked going on the highways much. My father retired out of Travis back in the 70’s. Have several family members who worked out there as well.
My brother and I drove out there several times to visit our mother. Thinking about spending the winter out there, but haven’t decided if we’ll drive again or I’ll fly.

Well, I just got off the phone with support and they’re going to send out a replacement cam.
I took another shot of the same view with a different cam just to make sure.

Did you take the plastic off the lens of the first cam? :rofl: :rofl: Yes the most recent photo with another cam looks normal.

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Haha yes I did. It was a replacement for one that broke during a storm. Hopefully the 2nd replacement will be good.

The replacement did turn out to be a good one.
It seems the closer I got to the cam the cleared it became on the blurry cam.