My furnace only has 3 wires, Red White Green, I Need help Please

I received the Wyze thermostat model wtherm, I unhooked my aprilaire thermostat and hooked up the wyze thermostat and got nothing on the wyze thermostat, I did this procedure back and forth 4 times with same results, I started reading over the forums and guessing I had a wire issue. I just moved to this home over summer and I’m new to the furnace/ac unit. I have a piece under the house in the crawl space and a piece setting outside. I went wire searching and found this

The control panel only has a red white and green hookup, no yellow on board, thermostat wiring goes
Red - red
White - white
Green - green
Yellow goes to a red wire the goes to outside
The brown and blue wires are dead and wrapped around the wire
The brown set of wire going to the outside unit only has 2 wires hooked up
Red is connected to the yellow (mentioned above)
White wire goes to a blue wire to a nut then a green wire goes to the door switch (maybe lol)

I was wondering about the c-wire adapter but wasn’t sure since there wasn’t a yellow hookup on the board

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, I’m sorry if I confused anyone

I have pictures of everything to show the situation but it would only let me attach one picture :-1:

post more pix, 1 per reply. sounds like you’ll need to find where C is at on the control board, then you can use one of the unused wires for C