Multiple recording times per 24 hour period

Currently there is only an option to record one time frame per 24 hour period. I would like to request multiple daily time frames in which to continually record video/time lapse/event recordings(using the micro-sd card). Meaning-I want to record video beginning at 12am to6 am, 7am to 3pm and again from 10pm til midnight weekdays and 10 pm to 8am weekends continually with only small event recordings during other hours-thereby saving recording space to appropriate times of absence.

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Actually, there is not even a single-period option currently to change status of SD card recording. However, the #wishlist topic below, if implemented, would allow you to schedule multiple periods by making SD card recording an available action for Wyze Shortcuts. Please hop over and vote for it (click the VOTE button at the top) and add you comments in that thread if you wish: