Multiple Livestream

how can i view my wyze cam in multiple livestream??

You have to join the beta program and download the beta app. Below is the instructions how to become a beta tester.

Or just wait a month or two for beta to be released to production.


ok new here…I had the app on my smart phone lg phone and on a tablet… I changed the name of my device on my lg phone …and some time later turned off the phone…on starting up the phone it is not recognising the camera…it is working on the tablet under the other name…
what do I need to do to get it back on the phone again…

ok its back up now had to repeat the process and rescan the code…its running on both devices…

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Another Question for the Room or the IT people at Wyze…What is the range of the outdoor operating temperatures. I live in Northern Ontario Canada and would like to setup a cam outside.

The official temp range is 32-104F. But search the forum for “outdoor” and you’ll find all kinds of threads where people report using them in deep negative temps and well above 104 in attics etc. (Warranty not withstanding.)

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Ok so I just installed beta and it seems to be working great for multiple livestream. I assume when in multiple livestream there is no audio? Could it be made that if you click on a particular stream that you would hear the audio of that stream? Or should I add that as a feature request somewhere? Or maybe it already has been added as a feature request?




It appears that there are no audio or control capabilities in multi-view at all. Just live stream. I can’t move or change anything on any of mine -Pan orV2

I have a suggestion. I have both cameras’ live views on one screen (yay!). I thought it would be such a time saver if I could click a microphone button for either of the cameras (depending on which one I need to talk to at the time), so that when viewing my front door (camera 1) and my pet (camera 2), and I see someone arrive at my front door, I could just click a microphone button right there, and talk to the person right away. Instead of, as it is now, I have to back out of the dual(multi)screen view, then click on the camera that I want right then, then wait for it to load (if it loads at all), then click on the microphone, all taking 1-2 minutes, because the camera feed / process is so SLOW. Where can I make that official suggestion? Thanks.

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Does the multiple live stream work in portriat and landscape orientation?

@leereginald Welcome to the community! Yes, if you have the cameras in a group, you can view them in portrait or landscape mode. :slightly_smiling_face: