Multiple event schedules

I would like to suggest the addition of multiple event scheduling, so that different schedules could be selected for weekdays during the day, weekends, overnight and vacation/away modes.
This would allow users to record while at work, while not having events recorded during the day on weekends unless the user is away from home and enables recording.
Having an overnight recording mode would be good for security after going to bed. Set a schedule for just after you go to bed and when your alarm clock wakes you up.
Vacation or away mode could be used for consecutive days when users are away from home. Same concept as having lights come on when you’re not at home; set recording up before your vacation to begin and end on specific dates and times and any activity could be captured - being able to set it up in advance would help so that you don’t forget to do it.
Utilizing similar technology that you’re using for the Wyze lock, you could set home/away mode. Based on location of the user’s mobile device, event recording could be suspended when the user approaches their door.

This can be accomplished using the Rules feature. Please look in the Wyze Support section for instructions on using Rules.