Multi-Cam Timeline View is 24 hours only?

Did I completely miss this, or am I doing something wrong?

I have Cam Unlimited, and just this morning, I realized that I can only go back in time 24 hours in the multi-cam view timeline on any of my devices, iOS or Android.

Is this the way it is designed to work?

This past weekend we had a major family gathering and I wanted to record parts of it for people who couldn’t attend. The plan was to play back parts the event in 4 cam multi-view in the Wyze app running on BlueStacks and record this using OBS Studio to make kind of a “motion events only” time lapse memento.

I had azzumed that thus cool new feature allowed access to all 14 days of saved cloud events, but apparently not.

So if anyone wanted to use this feature to track or record the flow of an actual crime in a single view, they had best find out about it that same day and jump into action quick…?

I’m probably missing something obvious, so all input greatly appreciated!

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Never tried it, but I can confirm that it only went back 24 hours.


I can also confirm the 24-hour mark. But keep in mind we don’t know if that’s how it’s going to stay as this appears to be the first iteration of it. It was a nice surprise I will say but you never know what they could be working on with it. I’m not even sure who to tag in on this to see if we can get clarification if there’s more they’re looking into doing with it


@Bam, Since Jing (@⁠WyzeJxue) has been responding to questions about the new interface in another topic, I don’t know if it makes more sense to tag that person into this one or if @sodcam should post over there for follow-up. :man_shrugging:


This should definitely be increased beyond 24hours.


Very valid point. It could confuse some. As I am not a master of the choices I’m going to tag in some friends and let them make the call :slight_smile: maybe they’ll merge topics if they think it’s fitting or possibly not but it’s best to tag the @Mods in for this type of thing, many years of experience on that particular team. :metal::innocent:

What do you think buddeeeezzzzzee ('90s PolyShore reference there), should this be merged to the thread linked a couple comments above or left on its own

Now I'm thinking two completely unrelated and off-topic things.
  1. I kind of want there to be a @ModSquad group.
  2. In my head I’m now reading @Bam’s post as the wee-zull!

I don’t expect my opinion to carry any weight, but since you asked…. :wink:

I’m all for consolidating where it makes sense (e.g., getting like topics together, making it easier for users [especially newer folk] to find a single source of information). This one seems like a discrete issue, though, and @sodcam already followed up by asking in the other thread (and also already received an official Wyze response), so…. :man_shrugging:

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