Motion v2/Home Monitoring Pet Detection

I installed my core kit including the motion sensor at the recommended 7ft. With sensitivity set to low my 70lb dog will set off motion every time my house is armed away. Is there a way to tune in pet detection? The only option I see is to remove the motion sensor, but that seems to defeat the purpose.

Welcome to the Wyze forum Peter. :+1: Measure your dog’s max height standing or sitting. If less than 3’, install motion sensor upside down at 3’: If taller than 3’, install sensor upside down at your dog’s max height plus around 8".

Tip for pet owners:


Thank you, I must have missed that part in the instructions. I have been testing in a new location with the suggested setup and have had no false positives.

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Glad to be of help Peter and good to hear you’ve got it working well. :+1: