Motion Tag should use different colors for the different detection types

Smart Detection Color: The motion tag color doesn’t differentiate between a shadow movement or a Person Detection or a Vehicle or a Pet. Suggestion: Use a different colored box that denotes a Person Detection, another color for Vehicle, another color for Pet, etc… I realize this may have to be a Post Process since the AI is involved, but the AI already knows the time stamp and motion tag that was identified in order to create the appropriate tag. Reason: It would remove the ambiguity and offer transparency for the end user to determine and understand whether the motion tag warranted action.

Also showing the picture of the event trigger in the thumbnail would be cool. You can screen through the thumbnails.

Yup, and if you read my other rant about them not allowing multiple ideas in the same WishList posts, having them use the frames with the particular Motion Tag as the Event List Thumbnail had to be splintered into a completely different WL post. This really frustrates me as I can clearly see what it would take to create a complete Home Security solution, but when we are forced to fragment these ideas in different WL posts, they get lost and meaningless.

Exactly. This can not be done by Wyze with Wyze’s current cameras since the camera is unaware of any future detection types. The box is realtime and all the camera can determine is area of motion. Other applications (TinyCam, BlueIris, etc.) can do their own real time AI detections on a Wyze stream and present the kind of smart boxes you’re talking about.


It’s a shame that Wyze was forced to disassociate’s real-time object detection algorithm in firmware and offload AI to a cloud server. I know Wyze is working on their own flavor of onboard AI detection, but if we still had partnership or merger/buyout, this is where we would be today:


Wow that’s crazy and chaotic! Really cool, but I’m sure that was run on a computer a bit more powerful that a Wyze cam lol. Wonder what it could do with the processing power of a Wyze cam

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And therein lies the problem. :grin:

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Damn!!! Wyze has a lot of catching up to do if they really want to say they have a “Whole Home Security Solution”!!! Unless Wyze intends to incorporate this kind of technology into their products, then they need to back down off of their Security claims.

Seapup, I’m blown away and totally impressed that you included this video! WTG…for real. And yes, I’m totally enjoying my retirement as well

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Very high-end security cam solutions do even more than that video. They can place an actual name on the bubble above recognized faces for person detection (and warnings for unrecognized people), license IDs and info, etc., etc. When’s real-time object detection developer realized the scope of possible misuse by the military, government and other ethical issues, he abandoned further development and sold it. What he didn’t realize is that this technology was already being used in those capacities around the world… just in a different framework. Wyze can do similar, but with more capable cam hardware and it would come with a higher cost. I would gladly pay more for this type of detection and tagging. Hence, your wishlist topic. It’s a great idea and I hope to see at least some of these features in future cams. :+1:

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Ditto my friend. The existing Wyze cams I own have laid the foundation for me to create a layer of protection, but the more I know about it, the more I realize I DON’T know about it.

The identification of objects is just one piece of the total package. There needs to be Actions that can be automated when certain identifications occur, otherwise it takes hours upon hours to review each video and “hope” that you catch the event.

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