Show motion tag on event thumbnail

On the Events window it would be very helpful if the image snippit showed the “Detection Zone” that was triggered that caused the motion Event to be saved.

Added an example of my Events window with a RED box drawn as an example of what I’d like to see on these snippet images shown for each Event. If it showed this detection zone then I could more easily review just the image snippets to see what triggered each event.

Currently, I usually have to play each 12sec video clip for about 1-2seconds to see the “Detection Zone”. Instead how about updating the thumbnail image on the Events window to show the Detection zone.

See attached

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@saskep Nice idea. I modified the topic title a bit to better match the terminology that Wyze uses.


@saskep Don’t forget to vote for your own idea. You got my vote! :+1:


Thanks for the assist.


How do we promote this idea…to get some more votes for it so Wyze will look at it ?

Honestly, it gets the votes it gets. It’s on a level playing field with other wishlist topics.

You are free to mention it on other threads where it is related. However, it is not in keeping with the Community Guidelines to start posting about it separately or in threads where it isn’t directly related to the subject at hand.

Motion Tag the movement that started the recording and use that frame as Thumbnail

Start of recording: The first motion tag you see in a recording is not necessarily the motion that starts the recording, but rather it is only the “biggest” (most prominent) motion at the time. Suggestion: 1) add a thicker or double walled or different colored box that denotes the actual movement that started the recording. 2) force that frame to be the snapshot thumbnail when looking at the list of Events recordings. Reason: the user may want to use a Detection Block in that location to stop false recordings. It would help the end user know if that recording needs to be reviewed or if it could be ignored at a glance.

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This would be incredible. My camera is not good at identifying what set it off. The motion works well but the ai is not all there yet.

If the thumbnail matched the activity I can quickly screen through. Especially on the computer when I zoom in to the list of events thumbnail by thumbnail.

Thanks for someone else having this fantastic idea !!

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I’ve created some other WishList posts pertaining to Motion tagging in various colors for People, Pet, Vehicle, etc. detection. I use Sirens on the outdoor cameras during certain hours of the night when the AI detects Persons but the AI hasn’t evolved enough to be a reliable source of these events. If they were Motion tagged I could see if there really was a Person or if it triggered off of something else. I’ve suggested using the Doorbell Chime which is typically inside the house to also be triggered with selectable siren sounds, along with an email notification.

Unfortunately they don’t permit multiple ideas in the same posts, so these WL posts are spread all over the place,

That is the real problem, especially when a whole Home Security solution is forced into splintered WL posts, then the individual splintered posts get lost and never reassembled for the Whole Solution. Individual WL posts tend to make less sense and get less votes when not coupled with the rest of the solution’s WL posts.

From what I’ve seen in the last few years, Wyze has over committed itself to growing it’s product offerings, and has not allocated sufficient resources to fixing and modifying their core products so they can evolve into a reliable Whole Home Security solution.

As end users, we are left with using 3rd party programs and solutions as bandaids to make the Wyze products be useful. This is a dangerous path since the 3rd party programmers will eventually make changes that are no longer compatible with Wyze and force the end users to acquire yet another stop-gap solution. Oh well, at least the cameras are reasonably inexpensive.

I’ll climb down off my soap box (again) and shut up (again).