Motion Sensor or Contact sensor in a Car

I’m thinking about putting the new Wyze Sense motion detection or contact sensor in a car. If the door is open, then it will trigger a notification, etc. Obviously, this will only work if the car is at home. What I wonder if the battery of the motion sensor or contact will get drained fast. Will they keep trying to connect to the bridge and keep draining the battery when away from home. I assume the motion sensor will continue to drain when there is motion in the car while driving, but not sure about the contact sensor.



I am anxiously awaited the replies, regarding this!

Interesting concept :+1:

Or can we put a wyze hub in an existing usb port in our car?.. hmmm, maybe an old burner pay as you go in the glove box, paired to the wyze hub in said usb port to keep the sensors alive and polling… I might play around with this.

The Wyze Sense bridge communicates with the sensors, and then uses a Wyze camera’s WiFi to send alerts. The bridge can’t connect to a WiFi router on its own.

I want to do the same thing. Did you get this to work?

Perhaps newer, spendier cars aleady have this feature… but I recall a time I parked my SUV outside the garage one night… and left one of the windows open… I think every neighborhood cat made a visit to my car that night… Each one marking the inside of my car on their visit…

What a nasty surprise the next morning. We finally got the smell out of the car, but it wasn’t easy.

I’m sure the entry sensors in their current design would have to be modified, but if I had a contact sensor setup on the four windows… that could of triggered an alert as I walk into the house with a trigger of a light turning on Red… or better yet, an Alexa Routine triggering an audible from my Echo Show saying “Hey Idiot, you might want to check your car Windows !”

For the many folks that park cars outside of a locked garage, I could see some sort of market for sensors in the car to listen for broken glass?.. Motion?.. Cats crawling through open windows? :slight_smile: The Wyze setup would need to put the sensors in to sleep mode to not consume battery when away from home, Perhaps a manual or automatic ‘alarm’ / ‘unalarm’ setup.