Motion detection on part of screen

Its there a way to have motion detection look at only part of the screen? I use these cameras to monitor my 3d printers and would like to do a time lapse based on printer head position on the screen. So after each layer is printed and it moves the print head of to the side into designated motion detection area in the camera and then it would take a picture.

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If you use the Detection Zone and set it to only look at the “designated motion area”, the cam will only activate for a snapshot (no subscription), 12s Video (CamPlus Lite), or full length video (CamPlus) when it detects motion in that Included Zone.

But, you would need to compile the motion activated snapshots outside of the Wyze app.

So far as I know (I don’t have V1 or V2 cams), using the V3 as an example, the Wyze Timelapse compiler does not use motion activation to initiate a snapshot for Timelapse. It uses a set time interval.

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This is a really smart way to use detection zones! One flaw i can think of is without Cam Plus theres a 5 min cooldown between events. Im sure 1 layer on the printer is faster than 5 minutes. If you have cam plus then this should work pretty good, you would just need some software to compile all the videos like Slab said. Good luck with this, please share if you get it working :smiley:

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