Can we narrow motion detection section?

Is there a way to focus on just one area of the camera for motion detection? I’d like to get just my driveway without cars passing on the road. I was hoping I could create a box to only look for motion in say the lower half of the screen.

The one feature I really want!

Wyze has said this is a high priority and is currently under development. I don’t know when it will be coming to beta.

Yep! This is something we’re definitely looking into after getting much feedback!

Yippee! @ThatWyzeGuy do you guys plan on posting any type of product roadmap or send out another blast email like the Christmas list? It’s really nice to know what you’re looking into, even if it doesn’t come with a deadline. ?

For actual product roadmap we might not be able to do that at this point in time as there are many variables and factors to be considered before we launch our next product. In terms of app updates there are also many moving pieces in terms of which features we’re rolling out so perhaps the best way is to subscribe to us as a beta user to see what’s in the beta app pipeline: :slight_smile:

Right now I’d be happy if we just had more control over the sensitivity. I’m getting way too many ‘alerts’ (even on Low sensitivity) caused by the smallest movement of the trees outside my house! But I agree that allowing for motion detection within a specific window/area would help as well.

Understood! We’re working on that and hopefully it can be implemented soon!

+1 on this. This would be immensely valuable and put wyze on par with some of the best devices on the market.

Even if it could be implemented in a simple “only 1 shape allowed (4 sided?)” manner it would be awesome.

Also remember you guys can save on bandwidth/storage costs because less stuff (that people didn’t want) will get recorded so everyone wins!


if you become a Beta tester it is available now. Look under Contact Us

Works great, move the box, resize the box.