More capture options. video clip and/or still picture

back before security cameras were as prevalent as they are today I was forced to use a game camera to capture evidence of nefarious things happening on my property. one of the cameras I was using had an option that it could snap a picture ( or burst of 3 with a 2 second gap between pictures) or take a small video clip. there was also an option to combine the options so it would take a burst picture set and then record the video. its not a NEEDED option but it would be cool to be able to get just a picture of an incident at my option. or even maybe combine the video and capture option.

currently my region of Michigan is starting to get its first snow. I took a couple of pictures about 4 hours apart today for comparison and realized the possible uses of having the camera do automatic pictures as opposed to manual pictures or just video.

Like scheduling a time lapse?

@Bam, I moved your post to #ask-the-community because I think the existing time-lapse feature would accomplish just what you’re looking for. To get separate still images, you’d have to extract specific video frames from the time-lapse, but that shouldn’t be difficult. See below for more info.

If I’ve misunderstood your request and time lapse won’t help with this, let me know and we can move this back to #roadmap.

(This YouTube video is based on previous app version, so there will be some minor differences.)

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I use VLC to pull out individual frames from video including time-lapse. A long duration time-lapse, say hours, might get Bam what they need.

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you guys both have a point :slight_smile: the only down side to time lapse is that the frame taken wouldn’t be from motion detected. being able to have it take a single or a set of pictures only upon motion detection was more of what I was thinking.

I think this may be the #roadmap topic you’re looking for. Be sure to vote by clicking the VOTE button at the top:


I searched and hadn’t found that. thank you.

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