Multiple overlapping timelapses (at least 1 short terms and 1 long term)

The Wyzecam should support multiple continuous timelapses. At least 2 are required.

Use case: My wyzecam is pointed outside from my garage to my driveway and I want to capture the change of the seasons. For this I might want to set a long term timelapse, taking 1 picture every 12 hours for 6 months. I would also still like to be able to take a short term timelapse of something else (for example me cleaning snow from the driveway for 2 hours) without disturbing the long term timelapse.

Buy a second Wyze cam because they are inexpensive (edit/ inexpensive, not cheap :slight_smile: ) and mount it next to the other one. Use one for long term and the other for short term. :slight_smile: Use the daisy chain way of powering, just use a higher amp power brick and away you go. I kinda doubt the hardware of the current Wyze cams will be able to support this, along with all the other services and features they currently have.

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That’s my approach.
Also means I’ve “spare” cams I can use for special purposes, recording trick or treaters, putting an “eyeball” on something that needs monitoring, like watching the barbecue for my thanksgiving turkey, etc.
A V2 or Pan with a $16 10AH powerbank makes a portable “eyeball” and will run for about 20 hours.
Or you could just run the short term for a long time and subset the video with other software.
/edit - note - presently your limited to about a month.


After reading about your experiences and uses for the power bank equipped cameras I made one! It’s actually rather handy. I now have a Turkey Cam for keeping an eye when we bake the turkey. And I also deployed one to keep an eye on a long 3D print job I was doing, another time I had it watch my computer screen during some long running tests and compile jobs. The uses keep multiplying!

Also bought 2 to play with, one to disassemble just to see. One to play with alternate firmware with. Both activities can easily result in a small cute paperweight so be careful if you do the same.


Very much correct! Edited

Can you post your turkey cam on tips and tricks?

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Good idea! I sure will. Turkey day is fast approaching!