Monitoring and Notifications - A Solution

Monitoring and Notifications seems less than ideal for Wyze products and it doesn’t look like there will be any improvement soon since it has been requested in the forum for a long time.

For those of you interested in a work-around may I suggest trying PRTG by Paessler. This tool will allow you to monitor all of your Wyze equipment, get notified via eMail SMS etc. if any go offline and best of all, is FREE for monitoring up to 100 devices.

The caveat is that setting it up requires some technical inclination such as understanding that the tool scans your network at first to establish whats there, requires that you install it on a Windows PC within your network, or understand how to forward ports etc. if you want to remotely monitor.

For what it does, the PRTG Tool is very impressive and has a lot more to offer than the basic use I am suggesting. (Those folks who wanted to know how much bandwidth their camera is using per month etc :nerd_face: )

I always think the cameras and especially sensors are absolutely no good if they are offline and you don’t know. Hope this is helpful for someone.

(p.s. Paessler appears to be a reputable German company that makes money from the higher tiers of the product.)


Cool tip. This product provides network monitoring, not video monitoring, right? Basically, you can get notifications if your cameras go offline?

Interesting idea, but I don’t understand how it could be used to monitor for the sensor bridge going offline. This tool monitors network traffic. It would need to recognize the difference between the “sensor online” and “sensor offline” messages. Wyze encrypts its network traffic.

Have you gotten it to work for monitoring the sensor bridge status?

No, I am not monitoring specific sensors or bridges.
It may be difficult to monitor individual sensors or bridges because they don’t seem to have their own IP addresses, instead having only a sub-MAC address that we can see.

PRTG does allow you to forge custom monitors, which perhaps could be made to check a device like the bridge via it’s sub-MAC address. I don’t even know if the bridge communicates with the rest of the network via layer 2 ARP protocols, but if you are so inclined and want to explore, check this utility and consider writing a PRTG custom monitor to run it.

The Wyze Bridge and sensor seem out of reach and communicate within the realm of the host camera and its own little private network off the bridge. :thinking:

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It appears I could be casually incorrect or a bit misleading in the original post with the following comment:

The inherent inability to ping across a port-forwarded connection may result in far greater effort to accomplish setting up to monitor a remote camera using PRTG. PRTG does offer a very large number of protocols to reach a device, but the challenge will be knowing what protocol a Wyze camera will answer to on the network when it has to be reached via a forwarded port.