Design issue: when bridge goes offline, orange/ blue flashing lights give away cameras' location, can be seen from miles away at night

I thought this was a one off, but its happened multiple times now, to different cameras at different locations i have. i accept a $20 dollar camera/bridge setup will need an occational reboot due to unhandled software issues, but Wyze intentionally decided to indicate bridge offline with continuous orange/blue flashing lights that needs a powercycle to stop.

I have never seen a cctv camera advertise that it is offline like this. If I open the Wyze app and check the sensors. they all show up as offline with cloud symbols, so the Wyze app KNOWS that the bridge has a problem (btw sometimes the camera will still be sending video, so casually glancing at the Wyze app will give you the impression that all is ok, you have to check the sensors manually). If the app knows there is an issue, why dosnt it send orange/blue flashing notifications to my smartphone, rather than light up the house like a christmas tree when our devices go offline. We live in a remote area, the flashing can be seen for miles at night.

Before someone asks, no i dont have camera nor bridge light indicatior ticked on & i cant tape over the LEDs as some are mounted high up in places difficult to access. Wyze please replace this flash with a soft beep from the internal speaker. thanks


Good idea. I would suggest adding it to the Wishlist, and don’t forget to vote for it-adding does not automatically placea vote! I haven’t seen it in the Wishlist before but I haven’t checked recently. Be sure to search before posting to see if it’s already been suggested.

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thanks. I am curious to know if this happens to other wyze users. if its limited to V2 or pan cam also