Mobile forum website top banner issue

Seems the banner at the top of the mobile forum web page has grown taller. It now blocks the quick links to access my recent posts or my profile. I was hitting those buttons every time I came onto the site. Don’t know how it happened. Screenshot below.

Which browser are you using? That looks like Chrome. I’m not seeing that issue with mine. Then again, I changed to the dark forum theme.

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There is also the same issue with Chrome on macOS (top black banner too deep). It is being looked into, but I have not heard anything back in some time. I also see the same thing in Chrome on iOS.

Can you try a different browser and see if it’s the same there?

@WyzeMark… Any progress on this?

This is a new issue after we added Get the app, I will ask for help

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@CaptainMark Assuming this is in Chrome, I think it’s not new. I think it’s the same issue I’m experiencing in Chrome on macOS and can also replicate on Chrome on iOS. But yes, I can also replicate the issue viewing the forum from within the Wyze app on iOS.

Actually now that I check in Safari on iOS, I see the same thing. So perhaps it is new, but definitely overlaps the Chrome on macOS issue.

I’m having the exact same issue.

Same issue here on iOS.

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Same issue on chrome on Android

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Ooooooo, I’m a trendsetter. :slight_smile: Chrome.

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I noticed the same thing. Chrome browser on android (Galaxy S8).

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Same issue on safari iOS

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This has been fixed. @BrandonS


I concur that it’s fixed on mobile. Do you know if it’s been fixed on Chrome on macOS?