Missing QR scan code

i accidentally peeled off my QR code… UGH… help, i got a new phone and i was downloading the app to my new android but i cant scan the qr scan code. is there a way to connect my camera back to my laptop ios and my phone??? thanks in advance. Pamela

What device are you trying to add? My Wyze cameras instructions said to scan the qr code (shown on the phone) with the Wyze camera.

I don’t recall having to use my phone to scan a qr code, but maybe it’s for one of the devices I don’t have.

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QR code’s are generated by the app and you use the device to scan them. Just choose device and follow the prompts. The app will generate the code when needed to install.
If you already have the device installed on your IOS then when you get your Android app downloaded all you have to do is login to your account. Your devices are stored under your name&password and will appear in the new app. You can be connected on multiple devices simultaneously. And, Welcome to the Forum!


@pamelacallahan69 Welcome! As others have mentioned above the QR code is on the Wyze app. See More

The app screen displays a QR code. Face the lens of your camera toward the QR code on your phone. The camera will scan the QR code and you will hear “QR code scanned, please wait”.


Unless it is a Wyze Outdoor Camera (WOC) which has a QR (Quick Response) code on the base unit.

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