Missing cyan indicator

As I stated in another post, the blue/green indicator is missing in Playback. Now it’s replaced with a red bar? Why?

I have been seeing that behavior when using the playback function at the bottom of an event notification video.

When switching from Livestream to Playback, the video capture indicators are there. The red bar has always been in the playback window.

I couldn’t find the other post you were referring to.

when jumping from playback to the sd card I have seen this behavior, I noticed that if I give it a second to load then move the timeline manually it magically appears for me. not sure why though.

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My real clue this was probably not from the standard playback function was the lack of arrows at the ends of the timeline.

I’ve seen something similar. Sometimes when I get into playback, I don’t see the cyan bars on the timeline. But if I pinch-zoom on the timeline itself (to change the scale), the cyan bars appear.

Sometimes I even see an actual playback with the timer moving normally, but no cyan bar on the timeline itself.

it was a while back but I did submit a few logs, the missing arrows was the first thing I had happen too.

Yes, I’ve let it run for quite a while and it didn’t show. How long do I need to let it wait? 10 sec? 30 sec? 1 minute? Yesh… I did that, too.

Yes, I zoomed in and out on the timeline, and it didn’t show. Zoomed in and out and in and out, too… nothing.

This is the standard playback function selected from an event video.

Yes, that is where I have been seeing the same behavior. However, if I am viewing the Livestream, and go to Playback from there, I see the normally formatted timeline.

I noticed the same thing on the new app yesterday. Although as mentioned, zooming in and out or even moving ahead and back in time made the cyan bars suddenly appear.