Missing continuous playback - V3. Some do, some don't

Hi everyone!

Here’s a weird one. Decided to expand my network at home, and found a wicked deal on some V3’s from Homedepot… I installed them over a month back. But the new ones are “fragmented” video. Weird, right?

Did a bunch of digging, found some old posts. Formatted SD, restarted, reinstalled the cams, checked settings in the app (continuous is ON for all).

Then I decided to check the FW… note the two up top (entrance) are the newest in the network, but also hold an older FW - yet the app says its up to date. At the bottom are the older cams - and those have much newer FW.

I really hate the idea of plugging into a computer or whatever to install a FW - is this the only way? I can, I don’t want to spend an hour fondling my V3’s which should “just work”… but at times, this ecosystem has been a thorn in my side.


See these posts for an explanation on the current status of the V3 Firmware:


Thanks for the links.

But i guess I’ll have to do what I did with the doorbell cam not working - and wait.

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Or you can download and manually update the Firmware via SD Card Flash.