Milestone Xprotect RTSP

Has anyone been able to get the RTSP feed working in Milestone Xprotect using the ‘official’ firmware from Wyze? I have tried every config that I can imagine, but I only see that I lose connection to the camera.

These are the settings that I am using.

your configuration in your screenshot above should be good. in addition, you need to configure the username and password by right-clicking the hardware > edit hardware

thank, I thought I had it correct. XProtect first shows that it connects, but it doesn’t actually pull in any video from the camera.

Older topic but wanted to chime in to confirm I got this working also. Working on the Mobile option but so far RTSP is working with full-time recording to my NAS using a Windows VM with Milestone running on it.

I have the same issue. I copied the settings listed above but I still can not
get a stream to view. What driver are you using. I am using Universal 1 stream.

It’s a bit of a bug or quirk, but you have to specifically choose the Universal 16 Driver in the drop down as part of the add device (camera ) process. Auto detect will not work. Hope this helps. It is a frustrating bug in the UI or driver config code of the Milestone product.

And it’s the same for any RTSP source in Milestone, not just WYZE.

I see that you are using the 16 channel driver. Issue is that the camera will install on Milestone useing both 1 channel and 16 channel but it doesn’t stream video. It also fails to stream video on VLC too. So anything you got please share