Microsoft Edge vs Chrome why?!

Why do we have to have Chrome for best usage, my work is only set up with Microsoft Edge? I can’t even get on my camera quick, so much for Security.

Personally, I have had issues on Edge in the forums and elsewhere.

I am fine with Chrome, but that is me.

both are bad for privacy.
Google is going to destroy browser ad blockers soon.
same with Microsoft. look at windows.
Their Incognito mode also is trash.

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I use Chrome for Personal use because it’s powerful. I use Edge for work because it is better for managing resources (particularly RAM management when I am using tons of tabs). I use Brave/Firefox (with VPN enabled and snuffing out all browser fingerprinting) when I want to do something or ask something that I don’t want tracked to target me with ads about it for the next year and sell that to data brokers for profiling me. I only use other browsers when the above are having issues or to confirm a problem someone else is having.

Having said that, objectively speaking, if a company is only going to support 1 browser, Chrome should be the priority. It overwhelmingly has the most marketshare, and it’s not even close:

But there is no reason not to support all of them, and I think they should at least highly support the top few. I’m actually surprised that Edge only has 5% of the market share. I expected Firefox and Brave to be higher than they are.

US Marketshare is a little better for Firefox, but not much:

Anyway, whether any of us like it or not right now, the answer to “WHY” is pretty clear by those graphs…roughly 84% of all browsing is done on either Chrome or Safari. Chrome has more marketshare than every other browser in existence combined…so, it gets priority.

Still, there is no reason to NOT make everything compatible with the other browsers.

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