MicroSD rec for high heat and humidity

What MicroSd is everyone liking now that is good for outdoors in high heat and high humidity. I am in Mobile Alabama! Links to Amazon Prime would be much appreciated :slight_smile: I had a 64GB that I liked but I dont see it online anymore,

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Here are the cards I am using in all 26 cameras with cards:

I had one V2 camera in my attic with a measured temperature of 151 degrees. Card survived.


Here is a complete rundown video on MicroSD cards. Always use High Endurance cards in your dash cams or video recording devices for best recording performance. Personally, I use the Samsung Pro High Endurance card in all my cams.


This is awesome, i love visuals AND a video! You rock!
This is what I have bought in the past, i have not had to buy any new ones in over a year and I haven’t been keeping up with the “latest and greatest” …
This is what I purchased over a year ago, based on your info it looks like i made a good choice back then!


151 degrees in your attic? I am afraid to even take the temp in mine, it may be so hot that it actually depresses me. It’s so hot and humid out right now, its miserable. I hate this time of year lol. It looks like the card i bought over a year ago is similar in quality to your suggestion, but yours is cheaper so that one has me SOLD! hehee
This is what i got over a year ago:


I have some equipment in my attic, so I included an environmental monitor. At one point I had a rat trap in the attic and put a V2 camera pointed at it so I did not have to climb up there to see it got used… During that time, we had a heat wave that peaked one day at 117 outside. That day the attic temperature peaked at 151. The camera quit working at 151, but resumed working when it cooled back down.


Talking about heat and SD cards, I know the temperatures reach well over 120 degrees in a closed vehicle during the summer. That said, I actually have a dash cam in my truck. The cam has a 32GB SanDisk Ultra installed in it for 3 summers now, and it’s not a High Endurance card. The cam and card still works great but not sure how much longer the SD card will hold up. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it so I’m happy with it.

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To your point, the Wyze brand SD cards have never been a problem for me. I have a mix of the Wyze brand and the higher end brands and I haven’t had any trouble with any of them.
I ended up with a mix of different SD brands because I was curious how they would do in the same outdoor hot conditions here in Mobile Alabama.
So if there was a high end SD on sale I would purchase it.

None of these are in a car, I don’t even know how to make a Wyze cam into a car dash cam.

I have some cams outside under eves and some inside … i haven’t had any trouble with the Wyze cards.

All that said, I still like to ask what the “latest and greatest” is because I like to check the pricing on cards that the Wyze community recommends because if I can get the higher end SD for virtually the same price as the Wyze brand then I will buy the higher end.

I just gave a really long winded explanation, sorry about that haha :smile:

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Do you keep a thermometer up in your attic to get an accurate temp reading? Now you have me curious what the temp of my attic is! Is there a particular thermometer that gets an accurate reading for an attic? I want to get one!

Do you keep a thermometer up in your attic to get an accurate temp reading?

I have an environmental monitor that is generally used for computer rooms. You can take a look at the one I have in the attic at: http://k6ccc.org:14972 (it’s 127 up there right now). BTW, that is a temp external access that will go away in a couple days.
What I am using is this:
Watchdog 100-P | Vertiv™ Geist™ Environmental Monitors

I’m not sure what I’m doing - doing this correctly or not.

I was viewing info about sd cards for Wyze products

MicroSD rec for high heat and humidity - Ask the Community - Wyze Community (wyzecam.com)

And have a question about the use of sd cards

Wyze products say to use a 32GB sd card - which I have been buying - but now I see folks using ‘other’ GB disks!

So, I would like to ask:

  1. What GB disks can be used in Wyze products?
  2. What to do, to make the particular disk ‘work’ in the Wyze product; how does the camera ‘see’ the sd card and begin recording with it??

The official spec from Wyze is no larger than 32GB. However, MANY users have reported using larger capacity cards. Personally I have been using 64GB card, and I tested a 128GB card that I normally use in my drone. As far as I know the only place where card size is critical is when flashing firmware into a camera and it really is limited to 32GB or smaller.

As for using a card, under advance setting is a “switch” to record to the MicroSD card. Set to either Continuous or Events Only. I have all of my cameras set to continuous recording.

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Yup, can easily use 128 GB SD cards (or larger). When set to “record events only”, a 128 GB card holds for me essentially a year of “events”.

I live in South Carolina and heat is an issue most of the year. The temp in most cameras is generally not so high as to be a problem with one exception. As you indicated, the absolute best test for these cards is in a dashcam in a closed car in the sun. Nothing in my house gets as hot as the inside of my car. That being said of the ones I tried I’ve had consistently good results from the Samsung Pro cards you mentioned. I wouldn’t use anything else. Oh, and yes I had periodic problems with others until I settled on Samsung.

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I don’t think regular SD cards are any worse than the high endurance ones in terms of performance, the endurance ones are just warrantied against this kind of usage.

I run Wyze only, and I just checked them all running in 123° heat right now and they are rock-solid! ☼

My question is about having an SD card in the “base station”. IF there is an SD card in each of the outdoor cameras, then WHY have an SD card in the base station?? Is this redundant?

The only thing you will get on the SD cards in the cams is a bunch of thumbnail pictures of events unless you are using the cam for Scheduled event recording, scheduled continuous recording or time lapse. The base will have the event videos if you are not using Cam Plus.

Let’s get this straight; the ONLY thing I get recorded on an OUTDDOOR cam, is when an event is scheduled. I do NOT get any thumbnail event picture/recordings or any other recordings on the outdoor cam’s SD card – IF you do, please explain how to do this.

You will get the thumbnail photos ONLY for all events on the camera SD card, the video events go to the SD card in the Base if you are not using Cam Plus. If you want event videos on the camera SD card you have to set it up for scheduled event recording, or scheduled continuous recording. If you have ever taken the SD out of the base it will have both thumbnail photos and event videos on the card if the camera is set to “Back up to Base Station” is turned on in the app under event recording.
If you are not going to do any scheduled recording or time lapse just take the card out of the cam, simple.