Microphone replacement for the V2 and the PAN

Hi, I interested to get the specs of the microphone in the V2 and the PAN.

I would like to replace them with a better one because the one in the V2 and the PAN isn’t very good, they offer bad sound quality.

Could you tell me which ones from that list would be good ones, for a mic replacement?


The problem is with the firmware, compression level is set way too high and the sampling rate is set way too low, and they have the gain turned way down to minimize the noise generated in the hardware circuits.

You can try to replace the microphone with a higher gain, it will help little bit, if you’re trying to hear conversations better, I’ve tried it, and it might not be worth the trouble. If only someone with firmware hacking skills was willing to take on this problem, because Wyze is not going to fix this.