Micro SD Card size 32G

So after reading the forum i see that the Card Size is recommended to be 32G … however when on Amazon buying my camera, it offered me a 128 G WYZE card.
SO if they recommend 36 WHY offer a larger size when they obviously cause issues?

I don’t think a larger size should cause issues, as long as it’s within the supported range. 32 is recommended because it’s the smallest and cheapest reasonable size.

I think part of the reason is for a long time only 32 GB cards were the only officially supported, Not to long ago we officially started to support larger ones, however to be upfront there is an issue that is being experienced where it seems to only record up to about 90 GB. We have found the issue for this and will hopefully have it fixed soon.


I think that size bug only exists on the 256GB card?


That may be true, I honestly am unsure if there is a specific size it was happening on. I do know a fix is in the works though.


I have Samsung 128 GB cards formatted in exFAT in three V3 cams and they all record the full volume of the card without issue which is 119.36 GB…


I had issues trying to use 64Gb cards (this was a year or more ago), so I gave up and used 32Gb from Wyze. Now it seems that bug might be fixed, so I will try a larger card and see what happens.