Media playback controls for Wyze watch

I pre-ordered this watch when I dumped my Galaxy S3 into a lake. While waiting for it to ship I got a used S2. I was super excited to get my Waze watch because I got tired of charging my S2 every night. The only reason I keep wearing the S2 is for media control. I would daily drive my Waze watch if it had media controls. I know several of the people that I have spoken to about the waste watch are waiting for this feature.

All 20 dlls smartwatches do this. This ain’t something that’s reserved for high end watches. So no, if you think that only the applewatch or samsung watch have this type of bas8c function, you are dead wrong

I wasn’t aware that it was a basic function, therefore the guy working for Wyze probably has the same level of experience as I (i.e. none), explaining the lack of said functions. I learned something new.

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Just a way to use the watch to Pause, Play, skip songs, and volume on the watch so you dont have to pull out your phone.

I often stream podcast content to my hearing aids and have to pull my phone out to control volume or pause playback. Would it be possible for the volume and other playback controls to appear on the watch? This type of control would benefit anyone who listens to content from their phone.

It the later is possible it may also be possible further help hearing aid wearers. Hearing aids have preset modes for different environments. for example speech clarity, restaurant, noise filter, etc. If this modes could be controlled from the watch that would be very helpful as well. The iPhone has the preset controls in the hearing devices of the accessibility section of the settings menu so it must have a standard API.

Update: Before posting I looked but didn’t find an existing thread but now that Wyze has added my post to this long list other posts dating back 8 months I see why. Everyone is asking for the same feature but because there is such a diverse group we all are calling it something different. I hope Wyze recognizes that ‘media playback controls for Wyze watch’ is a feature in high demand across a wide spectrum of customers. Also, seeing that Wyze now has their own headset with playback controls built in, they definitely have staff with the talent to add playback controls to the watch. I’d love to hear if Wyze agrees!

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Will the Wyze watch come with music features in future roll outs? That one thing kept me from purchasing

“I like the features of the watch but it does not have any music features. Does Wyze plan to include this in the future roll outs? Thanks. I have Wyze Cams and scale”

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Been a year already. Very unlikely at this point.

It’d be great to have basic control over music playback from my watch - e.g., play, next, back, and vol control.

I also would like media controls. I bought the wyze watch thinking it would have a feature like this but found out that it didn’t. I would use this feature everyday. It would also be nice to see the album cover from the song that is playing. I use spotify daily

Yes! I would appreciate a built in MP3 player as to not have to carry my phone everywhere. That’s the only reason I haven’t fully gotten rid of my Fitbit.

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+1 from me. I just want a watch to send play/pause signals to the phone while I don’t want to dig it out. For skipping and other complex stuff, I CAN dig it out and get picky.