Will the Wyze Watch control music?

Hey guys, I’ve just ordered the wyze watch from Wyze web page but I have a question that I don’t know if it can be answered at this time, I read in the description section that the watch will be compatible with music and video apps so I assumed I will be able to control what my smartphone is playing (music or video) but then I went to the FAQ section and got confused because there’s 2 questions regarding if the watch will play music and the answer was “NO” but I don’t know if it’s just not included for internal storage music playing or the hability to have volume and back-fast fowarding controls.
So the question that I want to ask is, if there’s information or confirmation about music control option in the phone.
Any help will be appreciated.


No music controls. Just got the watch today and can confirm no controls for music. I have YT music and a pixel 5 and it only shows a notification when you stop and start a song, no way to play, pause or anything. Hopefully a update can add this feature.

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