Meaningless File name on recordings

The file name for a saved 12sec recording does not reflect the date and time in the file name, instead the file name is a random string of letters and numbers. This makes it impossible to go to the file list on my computer and locate a recording from any particular date and time.

It SHOULD be: the date and time string of when the recoding was captured. This is how all other security camera file systems work, all other manufactures seems to understand this important feature, why is WYZE not understanding the importance of this in the security camera environment ?

roger that

Actually it’s not at all random. It’s the unix epoch time and the MAC. I fully agree that it only partially useful. There are lots of online epoch to human time converters. It would be nice if it was more human readable.

or set your directory listing to show date and time . . .

on a real computer, “ls -lrt” will do this, showing the most recent last.

I haven’t a clue how you would do it with the gates virus . . .

Well, I will take your word for it, but will ask the obvious question: Who at WYZE came up with that nonsensical naming convention? What I have here now as file names on my images is a hexadecimal string that is 32 characters long ! Since this is a base 16 number that is 32 to the 16th power, which is just incomprehensible and is essentially meaningless in human readable terms.

EXAMPLE: ce458119ca798b9ebac13a3f5b3d935f.MP4

About 4 months ago I ran this by the tech support at WYZE and the customer service guy responded that their engineers have made the new change and there is no plans to change it back. When I bought my first WYZE camera about 6 months ago the naming convention was very reasonable: example: [IMG_4037.mp4], which can be sorted in “as recorded sequence” without any pain to the user, But no longer, now the user is just left out in the cold.

So the question is what’s point to that? Read between the lines, Look under the hood. Who on earth thought that would serve the users of WYZE ? who is making the software design decisions at WYZE ?Looks like this stuff is just a collection of software smidgets gathered from the public domain on GITHUB and kludged together in china and sold on AMAZON? A poor way to run a ship.

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