Product misrepresentations, They are not viable for remote recording as the camera loses date and time but still records in the root directory with folders named Time_unknown_##

“Time_unknown_##” on cameras that are STANDALONE set to loop record to SDRAM. Files in the directory “Record\20231105\ files are correctly dated”. Stacked Wyze OG NOT on the Internet just set to loop record to SDRAM
(8:25:38 AM) Kevin: losing time labeling directories as Time_unknown_##
(8:26:37 AM) Juliza: “losing time labeling directories as Time_unknown_##” you were able to see this error in your Wyze App, correct?
(8:26:50 AM) Juliza: Did it work before then suddenly got this error?
(8:27:54 AM) Kevin: use app just for setup, pulling SDRAM and reading with laptop
(8:29:25 AM) Juliza: I see. But before it used to give a correct time?
(8:30:33 AM) Kevin: it does for a while
(8:32:00 AM) Juliza: Have you tried to power cycle your Wyze Cam OG by unplugging from the outlet for 30 seocnds then plug=back in?
(8:35:02 AM) Kevin: pleease did you really ask me that?
(8:35:24 AM) Kevin: better go find someone who can speak to this
(8:38:54 AM) Juliza: I apologize. Let me check this further on my resources here, Kevin. Please bear with for 3-5 minutes while checking.
(8:40:35 AM) Kevin: yes
(8:46:22 AM) Juliza: Would you mind sending here the screenshot of the error message, please?
(8:46:50 AM) Kevin: Yes
(8:48:36 AM) Kevin: why do you need a screenshot to understand the camera isn’t using the stated directory naming convention? Instead it’s using “Time_unknown_##” as the directory name
(8:49:49 AM) Kevin: The recordings are stored in a directory labeled “record.”
Inside the “record” directory, the files are organized by date in the format “YYYYMMDD,” representing the year, month, and day of the recording.
Within each date folder, you will find subdirectories that contain the recorded video files. These subdirectories are labeled with the hour of the day in a 24-hour format (e.g., “00” for midnight to 1 AM, “01” for 1 AM to 2 AM, and so on). Example \record\20231013\14*.mp4

Just to clarify, is there some official documentation from Wyze on their website online or somewhere similar where they promised in writing how files would organized and formatted/named on the SD card, or something in their terms of service that this is violating?

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that SD cards should be formatted in the way you suggest above, but I am not convinced it is a “misrepresentation” or that they violated anything.

Having said that, I am glad you posted about this. Some people have recently been having problems using the SD card playback in the app [for OG cams], and I am now wondering if a firmware update messed up the structure/formatting and the app is struggling to stitch the files for ongoing playback continuity. Wyze started looking into this issue to figure out what the problem is, and I wonder if you may have provided some key information. I’m going to pass this on to someone and see if it helps or if it is related. Thanks for posting.