Maximum of 3 Cam Plus Licenses!?

Adding a 4th camera and it turns out I can’t just add another Cam Plus subscription to my account. Apprently 3 is the limit? How arbitrary and poorly disclosed!

Upgrading to Cam Unlimited is more expensive for 4 cameras. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe there is an Amazon return in my future…

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It would take 4 licenses to cost the same as the unlimited license. So, if you are going to add a 4th camera or beyond, the unlimited license makes the most sense.

I have 8 cameras in my main group, a few more in my battery camera group, and even a few more that I use ad-hoc. So, an unlimited license can be quite a benefit once you get to 4 cameras.

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Problem is a Cam Plus annual is $20, but unlimited is $100.
So, you pay for 5 cameras equivalent even if you only have 4. What a deal!

What a deal- Depends what you have planned for the future. If you pay for four yearly subscriptions it cost you 22 U.S. cents a day. I started with 4 cameras and now I have 12 all on cam unlimited which cost me 27 U.S. cents a day total. If I add 87 more cameras it will still cost me 27 cents a day, total. :upside_down_face: :moneybag:

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If I recall correctly, there are some grandfathered deals like old $15 annual for 1 license, $30 for 2 license, $35 for 3 license, and $50 for 4 license. However with the introduction of the new checkout system & backend changes to the website, I think those are no longer available.

Your recall is close. I had 4 individual yearly subscriptions on my first 4 cams and I believe the price was $14.95 per year for each cam. That was in 2020 and I don’t remember being able to purchase CP for 4 cams at one time, they were individual 4 purchases.