Max distance for V3 from mesh extender

What is the max distance that I can place a V3 cam from the mesh extender. I want to place one in back yard around 100ft from mesh extender. Will this work?

If you get a good WiFi signal at the location you want to put it at, then you should be ok. I had 1 Mesh node (Deco X60) at one end of my house and was able to connect at the other end of the house probably around or near the 100’ as a crow flies. Using my computer it was showing 11Mbps up and down. I ended up putting another Mesh AP at that end, now I get about 500 up and down. In both cases, my V3 was able to connect without issue.

I am assuming you have power where you want to put it. If so, you can also add another Mesh AP via Power to that location. Not sure what you have, but some provide outdoor devices as well.

Thanks for the info

No Problem. Hopefully it works out for you