Cam v3 - Internet Signal Connection

I have 1 Cam v3 which happens to be the furthest from my router/extender, however under device info it shows 2 of 3 signal strength. The Live view seems to be spotty meaning its on for a few seconds, then off, then on again. Firmware is all up to date, performed multiple restarts, etc. Moved the camera close to the router and presto, no issues, works as it should. Despite having 2 of 3 signal strength bars on the device, should I add a wifi booster/extender to this area? Thanks!

I am not sure that the Signal is 100% accurate. If it works closer to the router, may be beneficial to put an extender/booster in place


Iā€™m starting to agree with you.

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I have 3 cams out yonder with other smart IOT. I did put in a mesh extender and load times and streaming improved drastically.

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Thanks for the extra information. I have a 2 Node Mesh setup which is enough to cover my entire house and my yard as well.

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