Masking car in detection zone doesnt stop alerts

They did. Some time ago Wyze changed their AI Engine to ignore obects that are within the Excluded area of the Detection Zone. Where this comes into question, however, is when their “Overlap” logic comes into play.

Regardless of if the object is behind the Excluded area or not, when the video goes to the AI Engine, all objects are “marked” within the FOV. This is done by drawing an imaginary digital Cartesian rectangle (2 dimensions, X & Y axis only, no diagonals) around the object much the same way the green Motion Tracking box is drawn by the cam. If any portion of that imaginary Cartesian rectangle is touching any portion of the Included DZ, everything within that box is fair game for tagging even if the vast majority of the object (if not all of it) is behind the Excluded DZ. This is their Overlap Logic.

While your Exclusion zone may be blocking out the physical vehicle, it may not be blocking out the imaginary Cartesian rectangle drawn by the AI Engine.