Manuals, user guides, detailed product documentation in PDF form

So I’ve recommended WYZE products to some family members. They happen to be a bit older and very technical. Being old school, they asked me if there are any user manuals for the v3 and some detailed documentation on the WYZE application itself. They would also like a manual on cam-plus and all of the features it offers.

Are there PDF files that can be downloaded and printed out hiding somewhere on the WYZE website?
I’ve looked high and low on the WYZE site and am not seeing any detailed manuals for any of their products at all. Am I missing something?


It doesn’t seem there’s currently any PDFs or downloadable instructions. I would guess that this isn’t done because there’s frequent changes to the Wyze app and products so the documents would need frequent editing.
You can go to and use the search too, in the upper right corner to search. Your question doesn’t have to be specific or use technical terms, the support page does a great job of searching for answers.

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Even with frequent updates, this is sorta an accessibility issue, The way the faq is currently set up you have to know what you are looking for, with a pdf one can read the whole thing and go back to the topics the need, or look at the index. It would not be hard to script the pdf to update when the faq is updates.


this is something that has been brought up to the Devs directly during testing. some people like to keep a folder of user manuals on their comps. it’s just easier to access.

all I can tell you currently is that it has been brought to their attention, but I know nothing beyond that.


Old school techie here. I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes or more looking all over this site and the web for the pdfs to download and keep in aforementioned folder. It’s especially helpful for annotating and highlighting the bits which I will need to refer back to. If they’re not going to provide that, at least they could mention that on the support page. Would have saved me some time. But really, they should just post one.