Loose the hairy eyeball Cyclops guy off your home page...

I got a call from my neighbor this morning asking me to keep an eye on the painters working on her house because they asked her to leave the windows open so they wouldn’t get painted shut. I told her about the Wyze Cam Pan I recently received as a Father’s day gift and was logged in to copy the URL to text to to her. I haven’t yet because I don’t want her first impression of the product to be based on the fact 9/10 one-eye mutants prefer it.


Yeah it is funny for those of us who have already have the product but consider how perhaps it might be a bit off-putting to someone older who is not familar with it. Like my Mama used to say, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”.

So send her this URL


or this URL



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Older… elderly… senior citizen! I fit in all of those categories - I have 3 cameras and love all of them! I’d be bothered if someone broke in and/or stole something. I never thought of it as an “eye” - I think they’re kind of cute.

I also am a senior, pleased owner of four Wyze cameras, retired from marketing and communications. I, too, am put off by the cyclops visuals. Perhaps an animation or more light, humorous approach would be more effective. Just my $0.02. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

I am a senior and the owner of 18 V1’s, 1 V2, & 1 PanCam. Love them all.