Looking for Outdoor camera for about 100 yard

Please advice for good resolution, sensitivity, big sd-card camera to be use for security - cars parking along the street - outdoor camera
Thank you

What’s 100 yards? Do you want to see that far or will the camera be that far away?

The OG telephoto has a 3x lens but is only 1080p that uses pixel detection for detecting motion. This camera needs to be connected to full time power and connected to your wifi to work. The rest of the cameras have a fairly wide field of view so if you trying to see anything at 100 yards away, it’ll be a very small dot on the screen and unidentifiable. Even some cameras that are 2k and have a wide FOV will have trouble identifying objects at that distance.

If you want you camera that far away, I’d say that’s way to far to be able to connect to your Wi-Fi. Also some battery operated cameras use passive infrared detection, which has a fairly close range and 100 yd is far too far away to trigger detection.

I want to see that far. (the active range is about 50 to 90 yards) I would like to mount the camera on the wall and to see the parking cars on the street. some one from the neighborhood damages the parking cars from time to time.
Some one told me to look for 360 deg camera to install inside the car. does WYZE have anything to offer
Thank you

Like I said the OG tele has the longest reach as far as zoom goes. Wyze does not have any dash cameras for cars. Folks have mounted different Wyze cameras in their cars, but these cameras are very internet dependant so you’ll have to do some forum searching if you want to look into those very specific use cases.

You can look through the camera line on the website and then search here for other questions you may have about the different models.

For that I’d say it’s a lot alot easier to just get a dedicated dash camera that’s made for that purpose. Look for multi channel (or 360 as I think there are some out there now) vehicle specific dash cameras that have parking mode functions. Unfortunately Wyze does not have anything like that.