Longer load times and WCO battery death

Also wondering if others are seeing longer load times with certain cameras and experience it battery death in older Outdoor Cams.

I have 4 version one WCO that I set up in October 2020 and it takes them 5-6 seconds to load live view. I have not had any battery death or fast drain (YET). All 4 cams record many events every day and night and I charge them every 5-6 weeks when they get to 40%. I have also done a lot of scheduled event recordings with these cams which may sometimes require me to charge them at 4-5 weeks when they reach 40%.

I have 3 WCO v1 cams on solar panels. They stay at 99-100% always. Load times seem to have increased, it finishes the 3 step process then sits there on an old thumbnail for like 5-6 seconds, definitely increasing. I’m going to bring this up to Wyze soon.

There is a know bug with the v2 WCO that causes battery to randomly start draining when using the solar panel.

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Wyze is very good at making promises fulfilling them maybe not so much.

Consider buying a Volkswagen and trying to turn it into a Porsche.

Sounds promising doesn’t it? We have been waiting for longer than I care to think about for the changes that they promise.

I realize, that change in the software mainly the Wyze program and firmware are the only avenues that they have available.

I’ve quit believing all the hype I’m waiting for substance.

Also I am fairly well invested in their products, I’m sorry to say that the reliability of the cameras leaves a lot to be desired. The inability to save videos on my local PC as opposed to the cloud is a deplorable thing.

I believe the cameras are Xiami (sp) and I believe they perform as well as any other inexpensive IP camera does. Considering the fact that the cameras only respond through firmware control and software commands points a finger to the Wyze developers who must assume responsibility for any failures in the performance arena.

I have begun replacing my Wyze investments (meaning cameras) with other brands that offer more diversified choices. The software offered by these other brands show me what Wyze could provide us but have chosen not to do so.

No facts here, just my opinion based on my personal experiences with the company and their products

Same here. On top of that two cams have quit charging entirely. Have tried everything I avn gind online with no joy.

Several of mine started the long loaf a couple weeks ago. Now they batteries seem to have died.

Make sure to use the cable included with the cam and plug it into the side of the base station. Also try turning the cam off with the switch when charging. Let it charge overnight.

Side year East charged 8-2-22
Back Yard charged 6-10-22
WCO Critter cam charged 7-5-22
West Cam charged 7-17-22

Fast Drain?.. I did not know this was a thing… I just had this happen to one of my WCOv1s.

I brought it in yesterday to charge, after it went from 100 percent to 0 in less than a day.

This morning, in the comfort of the cabinet where I charge my 8 WCOv1s… it’s at 100% still after unplugging it from the charger yesterday.

I think another of my WCOv1s may also have experienced this issue.

I’ll pay better attention to them now that this appears to be a ‘thing’

Is this a random thing folks are experiencing? or is it a soon to be a ‘Purchase a Replacement because it’s no longer in Warranty Event’ ?


The two Outdoor V1s Of ours that have died completely now did that twice (charged after taking off solar and bringing in to charge on AC.) The last time they lived was on AC - where they slowly drained to 1% then went completely dead. We tried multiple Wyze chargers/cables, plugging them into the base station, deleting and re-adding them. Nothing worked. We are sad. Hoping the rest don’t don’t follow their lead.

The WCOv1 that had the problem with the 100% to 0% in less than a day , made it through a day without dropping to 0% so far… keeping fingers crossed… it’s at 99% at present.


One of my v1 WCOs just randomly died last night… never had that happen.